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What is this game?

Arcane Writer is a dungeon crawler RPG where the player fights with guards and various creatures, and interacts with the world using text commands.
Your goal is to escape the prison, eventually realising why you (the protagonist) were incarcerated in the first place.


  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Look
  • LMB - Interact
  • Left CTRL - Use Potion
  • TAB - View Inventory / Spells
  • SPACEBAR - Skip cutscenes


You are Purwin Zomlem, a young girl from the village of Oakwood . One night a strange storm hits the fields, destroying the crops. The villagers, whom decided to kill your mother just weeks before accusing her of witchcraft, not have decided to point the finger at you and your little sister, for dealing with the devil.
You are captured and imprisoned, awaiting a trial that most likely will end up with you death. your sister fate's in unknown. During the night, in your cell, a dark entity appears, giving you the means to escape your cell, giving you hope of being free and punish to those who have destroyed your family… for a price.

Created by VeryGoodGamesinc.

V1.1 CHANGE-LOG 26/04/2016:

  • Door animation fix
  • Level 1 combat fixes
  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Looping Music
  • More interactions
  • General game maintenance

V1.1.1 CHANGE-LOG 27/04/2016:

  • Tutorial combat bug fixed

V1.2.1 CHANGE-LOG 03/05/2016:

  • Ambient noise added
  • Sound Machine 1.0 added
  • Ambient Light fixed
  • Various Audio bug fixes
  • Tutorial Blood adds
  • Particle Fixes
  • Additional Skeleton adds
  • Asset Changes/Fixes
  • Footsteps sound added
  • Head bob changed
  • Doors are now locked
  • Key functionality
  • Coin particle effect
  • Fire added to level 1
  • Demonic Fire Spell Added/with sound
  • Blood Leech Spell Added/ with sound
  • Combat Camera Shake activated
  • Gas trap Fix
  • Re spawn change [Start of level]
  • Opening Sequence update

V1.3.0 CHANGE-LOG 10/05/2016:

  • Level 1 Main room aesthetic changes
  • Level 1 guard toilet add
  • Wall decal adds
  • Voice acting Adds to Cut-scenes
  • Witch Ability Added to Other Cell Doors
  • Removed "Wench" kinda
  • Various Fixes


Arcane Writer V1.3.0 167 MB

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