A downloadable game for Windows

This Game is a Turn Based RPG set in a Post Post Apocalyptic time.

The game is currently being released with a 3 week time frame of patching to fix any bugs that may appear, fine tuning and will also have additional quests and battles added, along with more areas to be explored and polished art work.

*********ChangeLog 0.1***********

Pause Menu


working inventory

drag and drop skills and items

damage enemies

*********ChangeLog 0.2***********

Fixed Bugs

Update Pause Menu

Added cancel when using ability (right click)

Updated Icons

Changed Main Character Icon

Enemy Health bars change

Added 2nd Battle Zone

Added Chest

New Skill: Wind Blade

New Skill: Explosion Attack

Added Buildings


*********ChangeLog Final Edition***********

Added Crows

Added a story

Added Navigation

Fixed an issue with the layering system not picking up the loot chest

Added Loot chests after each battle

Quest saving properly now

New quest system

Skills update

Players can now level

Bug fixes


This Game Is Created By Team LandChair Games.

Install instructions

Download Zip file unpack whole file and then run the After the storm application file.

You can choose your preferred screen size and if it is to be played in a window or full screen.(if playing full screen Alt + F4 will close game)

controls are movement using arrow keys and mouse, with custom keybinding available.


After The Storm Final Edition.zip 94 MB
After The Storm 0.2 54 MB
AfterTheStorm.zip 93 MB

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