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The theme of the game is exploration of both the world and yourself, as the AI Clamm. By setting out and exploring the cluster of planets Clamm can be upgraded to gain new skills, battle hostile creatures in turn based combat, and learn about itself and the mysterious secret of the Ancient Konkichi Civilisation.

Our aim is to make the player feel curious about Clamm's purpose and why it is drawn to the planet cluster Perna.

The game has a 3D minimalist art style with original assets and complimentary solid colours to create interesting alien worlds.

PLEASE NOTE: The current version of the game may not have all of these features due to still being in development.

Xbox Gamepad Controls

(limited keyboard/mouse support)

  • Left Thumbstick to move
  • Right Thumbstick to look
  • A or Y to jump
  • B to open Upgrade Menu
  • A to interact
  • Mouse and left click to use UI elements

Technical Requirements

Recommended resolution 1920x1080


Xbox Gamepad

The Indiependent Fish

Programmer Troy McAnally: All programming

Designer Erin Hall: Concept art, asset creation and level 4 design/layout

Designer Crittle: Audio, attack stats and level 3 design/layout

Designer Tori McAlary: Particle effects, screenwriter, and level 1 design/layout

Designer Regine Caramancion: Pictographs, UI, intro and level 2 design/layout

Change Log

v1.0 - Initial Upload.

v2.0 - Combat now works within the game, have fun.

v2.1 - New HUD added to game.

v3.0 - Slight issues with this build. Trying to implement Saving and Loading, this broke many systems unfortunately. Have added to this build the ability to load each level to explore those levels and see the wonderful work the designers did. Press F1, F2, F3, F4 to load level 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. Have added the ability to download the previous versions of the game as well.

v3.1 - All creatures added for aesthetics, they cannot be interacted with on Osion, Ria or Gyre. Also more ambient particle effects added. Combat seems to be broken however and this could also be the case for v3.0.

We plan to work on this after our assessment is due just so that we can have a complete game that works, at the moment there are a lot of things broken and a lot of particle effects and dialogue that have not been able to be put in because of this.


Children of Pearl.zip 166 MB
Children of Pearl v2.0.zip 128 MB
Children of Pearl v2.1.zip 128 MB
Children of Pearl v3.0.zip 139 MB
Children of Pearl v.3.1.zip 145 MB

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