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The Game:

High and Dry is a 2D survival management game based in a unique setting, a flooded city building. You will be in control of 5 characters that you will use to respond to life threatening situations as the hours tick over from the original disaster. Your goal is to keep these characters alive until they can get rescued, when ever that may be........


LMB - Select Characters

RMB - Move and Interact with Character

Tab - Open Resources Window

Scroll Wheel - Zoom in and Out

Created by 5GACG ;)

### High and Dry is Currently a Work in Progress and some features may be missing or incomplete ###


v0.0.2 - 29/04/2016


- Characters now use the stairs to navigate to different floors

- Characters can now scavenge rooms for scrap

- Fixing rooms now costs scrap

- Added Glow to the Interactables

- Can now extinguish rooms on fire


- Some bugs were squashed in the main scene

- Fixed Characters repairing rooms from across the map

- The resource box now shows again


- Action Menu layout

- The particle fire effect to the sprite fire

- Character Highlights


- Minor Main Scene Alterations


- Old fire animation

v0.0.3 - 06/05/2016


- New Actions Heal Self and Use Scrap to the Action Menu

- Character Animations (YAY!!!)


- Fixed the Action Menu buttons (no longer pixelated)

- The End Day button is no longer spammable in the end day screen


- 1 Action Button to say Heal Other (was just Heal)


- The resource box to show better what each section represents

- The Action Log to make it look nicer

v0.1 - 13/05/2016


- Action result text (gives feedback to show what has happened to the character if they have eaten, drunk, used medicine and used scrap)

- Status Icons to character UI

- Each character now has a death sprite

- Action Confirm Box

- End Day Confirm Box

- End Game


- Amanda's walk animations (she no longer moonwalks right)

- Resource box now disables self when end day is shown

- End of day screen now displays resource adjustment correctly

- Day/Hour counter showed at the beginning of each turn is now fixed, now displays time until rescue

- Fixed character pathfinding for when other characters died


- The disproportionate background for a New animated Background

- Changed the background to the main menu


High and Dry v0.1.zip 56 MB


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can you add a way so you can do it without scrolling? Like add a zoom out button or like a shortcut on the keyboard.